Black Magic, White Noise


 Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

Date Published: 2007

Pages: 157

 Size: 10.9″ X 9.4″

‘Black Magic, White Noise’ is a collection of artwork focusing on the psychological and physical realms of death, magic and darkness. It is a mysterious and surreal book, invoking images of icy winters, witchcraft, folklore and forgotten spirits.

The first time I read ‘Black Magic, White Noise’ I became quite nervous to turn the pages for fear of what would come next. This was an unusual experience for me, as I’m generally only afraid of horror in movies rather than books and artwork. Pin pointing what is actually disturbing about some images is quite hard. The artwork plays on childhood fears that most people easily dismiss – the irrational idea of the monster under the bed or fear of the dark. Other artworks are not so subtle. Gore and autopsy is represented boldy, but imaginatively. The interplay between these two styles is quite interesting and could be likened to the difference between older works of horror like those of Alfred Hitchcock and modern ‘slasher’ films (there is even an illustration by Joe Biel that features a man that looks just like Norman Bates out of ‘Psycho’).

A great deal of art mediums are featured – illustration, photography, digital, and sculpture – all of which are represented passionately and intelligently. Bernard Preiml and Erwin Olaf particularly stand out amongst the artists – not only do they contribute a great deal of art, but the quality is very high. A glossary of the artists and their websites is provided.

For me ‘Black Magic, White Noise’ stands as a testament to the power of digital and photographic art. Unlike Romantik – which tried to focus on softening the digital manipulation style by focusing on romanticism –  the surrealism in ‘Black Magic, White Noise’ shows the best attributes of this kind of medium. It is a book that gets better the more it is viewed. It can happily lend itself to detailed deconstructions of its messages, but is also entertaining and stimulating to browse.

Favorites include: Bernard Preiml, Dennis Rudolph, Peter Feiler, Leopold Rabus, Paul Bakker, Erwin Olaf, Kevin Francis Gray, Invisible Creature, Kristian Kozul, Stephan Doitschinoff, Koen Hauser, Vania, Aya Kato and Simen Johan.

♥♥♥♥ – 4/5

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2 Responses to Black Magic, White Noise

  1. David says:

    oh i totally want to borrow that one! lol

  2. This sounds really, really creepy. Which means I want to read it. 😀

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