The Joys of Engrish


Author: Steven Caires

Publisher: Penguin

Date Published: 2002

Pages: 212

“Strange and wonderful misuses of the English language.”

To put the idea of this book forward briefly – Asian advertising incorrectly spells English words. Hilarity ensues. That someone has made a book on the subject shows just how extensive the phenomenon is. Some of the mistakes are small but disastrous (Discunt Ticket for example), where as others were achieved by means no one will ever fathom (‘Surfer boy met a penguin with its baby then, surfing was done with three people for one day inside, and it enjoyed fullness fully. A promise was evaded with let’s play absolutely again, and it said pixy-cal’).

The book is bizarre and hilarious. Though this review is short it is not a reflection of the value of ‘Joys of Engrish’; it is just too great to explain. What is also excellent is the sheer volume of images, which would not only have taken a long time to collect but also give the book great value for money. If there was anything wrong with your life you could open this book and instantly feel better. It also taught me the invaluable lesson of never owning anything with a language I can’t read on it.

♥♥♥♥ – 4/5

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2 Responses to The Joys of Engrish

  1. lucidlunatic says:

    Does it give the text that was translated into English? I know some Chinese, so that would interest me.

  2. goldnsilver says:

    It gives you snap shots of asian made products with english words on them (or engrish). Some of the products also have the original language next to them (for instance soup will have the label in chinese and english). This could give a person who speaks chinese/japanese/other asiatic language a better idea of what they were actually trying to say, but what got lost in translation.

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