Grafuck: Book 3

Book 3 Cover

Creators/Publishers: Peter Vattanatham and Fiel Valdez

Date Published: 2007

Pages: 204

Height/Width: 5.0″/7.0″ 

If ‘Grafuck Book 1’ was the foreplay, ‘Grafuck Book 2’ the intercourse then ‘Grafuck Book 3’ would be the part where the guy rolls over and goes to sleep.

It is not that ‘Grafuck Book 3’ is a bad book, in fact if anyone picked it up without having seen the other two they would be blown away. ‘Grafuck Book 3’ is suffering from what I call ‘Terminator syndrome’. The first was great, the second was awesome and the third was still good but just couldn’t quite get there. The book feels a little less inspired. The artworks are starting to develop a pattern and are almost copying past works. I don’t feel that there is enough artistic variety or that the messages are different from one another.

There are still some very noteworthy artworks though. In particular the cover art by Peter Vattanatham and that of Alberto Sevesco shine through (both pictured above – Ist and 3rd images).

I feel that if things were to continue this way that the series should be left as is. Thats not to say that if they picked up a higher percentage of exceptional art that the theme could not be explored further. I do know that there is a ‘Grafuck: Book 4’ currently in development, and though I will buy it in the hopes that it returns to the glory of ‘Grafuck: Book 2’, I would prefer that it remain a ménage à trois.

Favorites Include: Nei Caetano de Silva, Alberto Sevesco, Maloo/Unit 9, Paperpop, Camil Glauser, Frederik Aven, Brendan Monroe, Louisa Bertman, NekoshowguN, Heiko, Panni Malek, Allan Deas, Faiyaz Jafri, Richard Hogg, Jasmin Herkel, Georgie Tier, Brian Holderman, Cesar Finamori, Shizuka Kusayanagi and Peter Vattanatham.

♥♥♥ – 3/5

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