Grafuck: Book 2

Grafuck Book 2 Cover

Creators/Publishers: Peter Vattanatham and Fiel Valdez

Date Published: 2006

Pages: 210

Height/Width: 5.0″/7.0″ 

Sequels generally crash and burn, but some perform the miracle of taking what was great about the original and improving on the formula. ‘Grafuck: Book 2’ is a fine example of this.

The format has changed slightly. The book is now wider than it is tall, though with the same amount of area. This actually helps with the comfort of reading as Book 1 was very stiff. The artworks seem to flow better on ‘landscape’ style pages. ‘Grafuck: Book 2’ is also about a third larger than its predecessor, though the bigger size does not hamper the value. There is no watering down, all the works are just as original and crazy. There are just more of them!

Many artists from the original return to build on another volume of their sexual artworks. I found seeing their next theme based works very enjoyable. The book is mostly dominated by digital art, but also features a weird and sometimes brilliant use of other medias (embroidery and even skin).

I find myself smiling and sometimes laughing when I read this book. There is a lot of cheeky, raunchy humour. I particularly loved Daley Muller’s quaint looking plates on old English style wallpaper (plates that featured all soughts of sexual mockery). They create a marvellous ‘double-take’ effect, I would love to see them in someones home and test whether people noticed.

It poses the question; does sex need to be taken serious? Can there be humour and respect? Is the young, modern world taking it seriously at all?

‘Grafuck: Book 2’ is a must have and improves on something that was already great. If you have a spare $25 you must buy it and please show it to someone who you think wouldn’t like it. I want to know what happens; good or bad. But I know they’ll secretly enjoy it.

Favorites include (there are about a million): Patrick Murphy, Audrey Kawasaki, John Midgley, Allan Deas, Lydia Bradbury, Mariline Flori, Paul Hwang, Cleo Charuet, Buff Monster, Daley Muller, Leif Parsons, Airside, MerkThose, Claudie de Cleen, Samantha Wolov, Joshua Gajownik, Reilly, Nate Van Dyke, Mklane, Mat Loves Kawaii, Michael Lewis, Nathan Fox, Nahid De Belgeonne and Peter Vattanatham.

♥♥♥♥♥ – 5/5

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