Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

Date Published: 2006

Pages: 144

Romantik sets out to explore the recent rises of romanticism in the digital art world. The book brings together works from around 40 artists.

The artworks are what I would consider to be very trend based. A lot of the works have that random-collage-of-disjointed-scrapbook-images-style that I have noticed is popular lately. Though it does look good, I feel that people in the future will look back and say ‘there’s another digital artwork from the 2000’s’ quite easily, almost like shoulder pads and Madonna characterises the 1980’s.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in digital or modern artwork. Though I’m no expert on digital art it seems to draw a wide range of different methods and styles. It is incredible to see what can be achieved by programs that evolved from ‘Paint’.

I don’t feel that it manages to illicit any response other than ‘oh, thats kind of interesting’ from people outside of this niche group though (I briefly tested this theory on my sister, her friend and my mother). Perhaps it is that digital art hasn’t quite lifted away from its sterile tone – in essense the book fails to achieve its romanticism goal of bringing humanity into the digital medium.

It seems that I am mostly negative about this book, but its not true. There are some very cheeky pictures and creative works. Others celebrate digital art in its ability to explore the manipulation of images in a way traditional art cannot. The layout is well planned and the majority of works are span the entire page. The index displays the details and websites of the majority of artists involved.

Yet I feel that if I were to go back in time I would put this book back on the shelf instead of buying it. It doesn’t inspire obsessive viewing.

My personal favorites include: Big Active’s Goldfrapp CD cover, Rilla Alexander, Adam Pointer, Nem, Atomic Attack, Natsuki Lee, Jewboy, Paul Morrison and Kozyndan (I actually bought this bunny wave print off his website).

♥♥♥ – 3/5

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